Friday, July 11, 2008

Black Pearl Fortune

There's a new chinese restaurant in town. This is pretty exciting because general consensus has been that Logan has no good chinese. I'm not quite ready to give the Black Pearl a full thumbs up. I thought the egg drop soup was a little weird, but the sesame chicken was decent (deep fried anything should be easy to nail though). I could just be skeptical of all local chinese now. They definitely were quick in putting my order together. I called them when I was on 200 N and main and they had my order ready to go by the time I got there (2095 N Main).

The best part was the genuine fortune cookie. How long has it been since you got a fortune cookie that actually risked making a claim about the future? Mine did. It read: "You deserve respect and you'll have it one day." That's good stuff.


AbstractPoet said...

I live in Cache Valley too, and heard about this place. But someone told me that it was a sushi restaurant. Did they have that type of stuff on the menu, too?

Brook said...

They have sushi too. The sushi gets better reviews than the chinese from what I hear.

Akahige said...

I visited the Black Pearl last night. The Chinese food was very, very good.

The sushi was poor. While the meat was adequate, not particularly fresh nor offensive. The sushi rice was an abomination. They used regular long grain white rice. It was dry and far too sweet.

The sushi rolls that my wife ordered were drenched in shoyu (soy sauce). Not that shoyu hasn't a place in sushi, but never never on a roll, only as a side for dipping.

It almost seemed like the chef had only a superficial level of training in sushi-making.

If I'm in the mood for Chinese, Black Pearl makes the top of the list, but I won't eat sushi there. I'll go to Takara on 1000 N. instead.