Thursday, August 9, 2007


Check it out! I have red tomoatoes. I'm going to eat them tomorrow. They smell so good and tomatoey -- even if they're small.

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Vegas Weekend

One of the nice things about moving to Utah is that I'm closer to Vegas. I've been telling my friend that'd I'd come visit. Last weekend I finally did for the first time.
The best thing about Vegas (besides friends) are the pools. We started out at the Palms where Beth convinced me to where heels.

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I was thinking that it was just like a party in the vicinity of a pool. Nope, it's a party in a pool. Heels and water aren't a classic combo. So I walked around in my bare feet. The ground in Vegas is hot!!! -- but vodka makes it cool off...or something.

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My hosts and I snuck into the pool at the Wynn. They're sooo cool -- teaching me all the local tricks. Wha? You think I'm going to dish here? No way. Go find your own hip locals.
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Japanese Teppan! I will have to put up the video of the guy putting onion on fire, but that will require me posting on YouTube, which means getting an account. So it's just me an minerva watching the strobe light onion fire.
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Note the people dancing and the smoke. This is Moon -- it's a club. Someone local in Logan asked me if I'd gone to a club here yet. See that, that's a club. Do you see that in Logan. No. We probably do have a D.J. of the same caliber, i.e., s/he was pretty bad. But the venue more than made up for it. There is a great view of the strip from outside.
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Logan ... club?

Here are Beth and Kim. Aren't they pretty?
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Oh and I showed my incredible ability to find the llamas where ever they may be. This is the mythological great white llama. Sigfried and Roy found it deep in the Peruvian cloud forest. It was a key part of the show until it mauled Sigfried -- or was it Roy.
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It was protected by a very surly alpaca. Grrr!
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Fire Update

Yesterday the Logan Newcomers went on a short hike on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, starting at Dry Canyon. We walked to the area where the fire was last week. The area was black and charred, but it was less dramatic than I expected. I guess that's because its surrounded by yellow grass. The burned areas almost blend in.

Tire tracks through the fire scar
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The edge of the fire scar
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Kerry and I in the burnt tree arbor with Snook and Abbey
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The newcomers are pretty nice. The people that started the group aren't completely new, so they have lots of useful information. They're also pretty energetic trying to get people involved. It's all quite nice. I can't participate int the events for the next couple of weekends, but I'm going to keep trying to go to the weekday events.

I guess I can't next week. I'm going to Lake Powell. Oh Drats!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

YouTube Finds

So following the link to the fire report led me to a selection of Cache Valley oriented YouTube videos.

I'm not sure what I think of this one. Walking in Logan Is it inspirational? creepy? It is funny to note that I recognized specific houses in addition to the iconic places (the Temple).

Oh man, there are a ton of these. I'm going to discover Logan culture through YouTube.

The sport of Tire Rolling is worth a couple chuckles. According to evidence on YouTube, tire rolling is popular any place where men live in mountainous areas.

Top Five Romantic Places in Cache Valley. Ugh, put it on mute - such a bad sound track. In case you don't want to watch, they are 1. Tony Grove, 2. Flying (not a place, but cool) 3. Benson Marina, 4. These folk's home, 5. North Logan Foothills.

Here's video on the crazy man that stands at 1000 N and Main. I've been trying to take pictures of him on my phone as I pass. He's walking here. What I think is interesting is that this THE crazy guy. The crazy guy in Ballston wore a devil costume. This guy is wearing khaki shorts and a polo. That's just not all that crazy.

Okay, he's not the only crazy guy. There's the man on bike. Maybe he's on YouTube too.


I was driving from Logan to Petersboro this afternoon and noticed a fire on the Wasatch just south of Logan Canyon. I was hoping that it was some sort of controlled fire, but apparently not. By 7 there were fires in many places on the mountain and I could see flames all the way across the valley.

Luckily we've had a bit of rain lately. Hopefully the fire peeps will be able to get it under control. It looked like it was moving into the mouth of Logan Canyon.

It seems there were four separate fires and at least two of them have merged. There are some power lines/substations out. They estimate that power is off to 8,300 homes. The power was out at our company buildings in Petersboro and Paradise. As you can gather, I have power in my apartment.

I know that there are frequently fires in the general area, I don't know how this compares in scope or how often it's this close to the city. I did find some YouTube feed on a fire in BlackSmith Fork Canyon last week. It looks to be bigger than what I saw this afternoon. Blacksmith Fork canyon is south of where today's fire is.

Today's fires:

Herald Journal Article: FOUR FIRES IGNITED EAST OF LOGAN (Updated: 7:17 p.m.)

Logan: Facts and Observations

The water fountain at 100 N and Main has been running constantly for weeks. Today I took a drink from it since it was already on.

I'll try to get a pic. It's on the corner in front of the Zions and across from the NPR Story Corps trailer. I wish I could think of someone to interview for Story Corps. All of the recordings I've heard on morning edition have been really cool. Maybe I could interview the water fountain.

When were you installed?
How long have you been running constantly?
Do you get tired of running all the time?
Do you worry about the wasted water?
What will happen if someone doesn't shut you off before winter?
Do people stop for a drink more or less often since you've been running nonstop?
Do you know what we can do to turn you off?
Are you more or less happy since you've been permanently on?