Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mud Season Trail Report

The Logan Ranger Station has a recreation update that was posted on May 23. It gives an update on the camp grounds, picnic areas and roads that are open in the area. It also gives a report on the condition of the local bike/hiking trails. My guess is that the muddy and snow patches in shade conditions should be fine for hiking. The trails with mud patches should be fine for biking. I guess it depends on how dirty you want to get.

Update: May 31. Perhaps because it's been 7 days since the recreation report was updated, but the Jardine Juniper trail is almost completely dry to the split (near the top). Take the scenic route to avoid snow and mud. The snow and mud on the shady route is easy to navigate on foot. I've heard that both Wind Caves and Crimson are plenty dry.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Update on the Park Strip

The plan to enforce the parkstrip rule passed 4-1 last week.

There may be accomodations made for parking, with each appeal costing $212 and none of the accomodations resulting in park strip parking. Permits may be issued for parallel street parking, costing $200 each. A volunteer group of citizens may be formed as an advisory board on parking decisions that will be made at the individual property level.

For more on the enforcement plan, see the Herald Journal.

Being a Penguin

I like John Bingham's most recent blog about delivering the essential message of being a penguin to 5th graders.
I would have put it in terms of being a llama, but to each his own.

John Bingham is "The Penguin". He writes for mid/back of the pack runners in runners world and travels around giving pep talks and participating in races.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

May Newcomer Events

Upcoming Logan Newcomer Club Events

See for more details.

Hiking and Hot Tubs
This is going to be a gorgeous sunny weekend with highs in the 70s
Saturday May 17th Day Trip (or camping Friday-Sunday).
A weekend of relaxing, campfires, hot chocolate,marshmallows, short hikes, and soaking your worries away is waiting for you in a tranquil valley an hour north of Logan at Maple Grove Hot Springs.

Indiana Jones - Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Premier
Thursday, May 22nd, 7:00pm Stadium 8 Theatre. Providence
Meet at Casper’s Ice Cream Shop at 6:00pm.

May Book Club
The Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing
May 27th, Tuesday, 7:00pm

Newcomer Girls Night Out
Rock climbing at Rock Haus.
Wednesday, June 11, 6:30 pm ** Date change
Cost: $8/person plus $3 for shoes

Monday, May 12, 2008

Adventures of Mudpuppy

A couple of weeks ago I bought a bike. I mostly got it so I could bike to work and around town. But if I was going to sink money into a bike, I thought I might as well get something that I could use for recreation too.

So I went down to the Joy Ride and got myself Mudpuppy. He's a Scott Aspect 60. Here's him earning his name on Temple Fork (not quite ready for riding as of May 3). For those not from Utah, there is a fifth season between Winter and Spring called mudseason. I had mud on every part of my body after this ride -- helmet, back, eyeglasses, even in my shorts somehow.

Mudpuppy's other adventures.

Jardine Juniper - May 3 Mudpuppy was so exicted about this ride. He made it about 515 feet. I knew we weren't going to make it when I got of the car and had this view.

Bonneville Shoreline Trail April 26 - before the mud.

Green Canyon May 11

Here's a good list of mountain bike trails in the Logan area; unfortunately a lot of the details aren't filled in:

Local Matters: The Park Strip

Around town there are signs in yards that read "Logan City Leave Our Property Alone". The issue is planned enforcement of a restriction on parking in the "park strip" - the area between the curb and the sidewalk. The proponents of enforcement see this parking practice as being related to blight because it makes these formerly single family homes easier to rent out to college kids.

The area where this is most common (or the focus of the issue) is the area just west of the university that's really popular to rent out to college kids. Many of the homes were built in before 1950. Many of the properties are situated on small lots with structures blocking the ability move parking to the back of the lots. The other local factor is that during winter months parking is not allowed on the streets at night - for ease of snow removal - I guess.

What I find kind of odd in this whole situation is that the area in question has fewer "blighted" properties than other areas in central Logan - such as the west side and the Island. Equally goofy are the "alternatives" being proposed. I'm not sure what Steve Thompson is getting at and why he thinks it will help. Keep the parking, increase taxes and subsidize the improvement of "blighted" property and offer free sidewalk snow removal? The details are as murky as coffee - to borrow Mr. Thompson's "joke".

The city council will vote on a resolution tomorrow night at the Municipal City Council Meeting, 5:30, May 13. My prediction is that this issue will not be resolved so quickly. As a prospective home buyer, the uncertainty is making it hard to make a decision about where to settle in Logan.