Monday, September 3, 2007

Sucky Blog

My blog sucks. I know it. I was just reading Liz's blog and it's so awesome. Cache Valley, I'm going to do you better.

She also opened an online shop selling crafty things. I love this apron and if I had it I would wear it out. Or I would cook all the time and find friends to come be my audience.

Cache Valley Gardeners' Market

I have to go to the Farmer's Market!!! It's going to be ending in a month. I can't do it this week because I'm running the Huntsville Half Marthon, but I'm so doing this the next weekend. Don't let me forget. Actually, I'm putting it in my calendar. It does mean I'll have to wake up early to do my weekly long run, but it's sooo going to be worth it.

(Wasatch Back–North: Logan) Cache Valley Gardeners’ Market in Logan, Utah.

Open Saturdays from May 13 through October 14 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Pioneer Park, 100 South 200 East, Logan, Utah. "The market was started to allow people who were growing large gardens, so common in the Cache Valley, to market their extra produce. That’s why it’s called a Gardeners’ Market. The market has grown to include produce vendors who only come to sell a one time surplus of potatoes, to small scale farmers who make it every weekend and have a following of loyal customers. In addition, we welcome vendors with handmade craft items and food products to our market." See for more information.

Was that way too much excitement for a post on a market that I haven't been too? Well, I was talking to Em in SF and she was telling me about a recipe made with frissee lettuce, and I was like, "Where do I get that in Logan?" And then I ran into this online. So anyways I got all excited mostly because it's easy to get excited when talking to Em. And also, the Citrus and Sage (coffee shop on 100 E and 100 N) serves its iced lattes with two shots standards. No more two shots for me. I have a one shot max from here on out.

North Logan City News

I got this newsletter today, so I thought I'd let you know what's going on in NLC.

1. Community preparedness exercises Sept 5 and Sept 19. Features: a table top exercise a day long disaster exercise involving the entire community, a calling tree organized by the LDS church.
Seriously? A calling tree? Organized by the church? I have two feelings at the same time. That's so small town cool. The other is does the LDS church have my cell number? I doubt it and I plan to keep it that way. In the event of a North Logan City disaster, I am sooo screwed.

2. Banned Books Week. That's a direct quote. It's Sept 29-Oct 6. Now I was pretty intrigued when I read that. It turns out that the event is to celebrate "our freedom to read". ??? It's actually an event developed by the American Library Association that encourages the reading of commonly banned books. I think I'll bring along a copy of And Tango Makes Three for the kids.

3. Two meetings of the City Council this month, Sept 6 (also a Planning Commission meeting for the County) and Sept 20th. Issues: new subdividisions, the Mixed Use Zone's interaction with the city center initiative, road changes.

4. Planning for the annual Pumpkin Walk Oct 18th- Oct 23rd.

5. Directions on how to earn points toward being a Super Citizen. This month NLC super citizens are getting involved in disaster preparedness by creating their 72 hour kit and participating in the local exercises.
Super Citizens are collecting points to earn a SUPER CITIZEN AWARD!!!!! You can participate from now until July 2008. I'm sort of tempted to participate.
Do you think I could be a North Logan Super Citizen?

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Discount Tickets

Now that I'm mostly equiped for ski season. I'm on the look out for discount lift tickets. Locally, lots of people get season passes to Beaver Mountain. They go on sale sometime in spring and go up in price until the season starts. They're at $420 now. That's probably not worth it for me anymore. Maybe next year.

It seems that some ski shops sell discounted lift tickets in SLC and Park City. Canyon Sports is one. I'll have to check out the Logan ski shops.


There was a "tent" sale at Al's Sporting Goods yesterday. Someone told me I had to go check it out and get $500 skis for $90. So I headed on over.

Normally I like to research my gear purchases thouroughly in advance, but I went into this one nearly blind. I tried to impress upon the sales person that even though I don't know anything about ski equipment that I'm not actually a beginner, so please don't give me beginner skis.

She was sooo not convinced.
How long have my skis been in the past? Uhhh... I remember renting some 165s about 4 years ago.
Well... skis are getting shorter now, how bout these 153s? Uhhh.... Are these baby skis?
No. . <Silence>
Well, how can I argue with that? I'm just so sure that I have just bought baby skis. On the bright side they have a price sticker that says $299 and I got them for $89, so at least they are a good deal.

Then I went to the bindings guy. He found two that might work. I noted that either the blue or the red would match my baby skis. He pointed out that the more expensive red ones can be looser now that I'm in baby skis, but when I graduate to the next level, they can get tighter and will even go with my next pair of big girl skis. He knows I don't really need baby skis. Sold!

The big ego killer was that there was noone to standing by to help with the poles. Apparently anyone who would think to buy poles would know how high they should be. Uhhh... I felt like such an idiot. They all seemed so tall. I grabbed the shortest pair I could find in 10 minutes of digging. Then I went back to the ski girl. She said that she would want them shorter. Well this is the girl that outfitted me in baby skis, so I ignored her and bought them before she could take back my baby skis and try to sell me a tube instead.

I have found my skis online in a lot of beginner rental packages at resorts, which makes me sad about my purchase. But then I found this: "Designed for intermediates and beyond. Based on a stable, wider waisted chassis, these skis give developing skiers the confidence they need to loosen boundaries and expand horizons in all conditions ." That's me. I'm expanding my horizons. That's also pretty much what the ski girl said, without the inspirational horizon part and she didn't tell me I need a wide waisted chassis. Good think on that last bit.

Other Al's booty includes some Smith Sun glasses and Gu -- all on sale of course. I still need to buy boots. That's a key purchase, so I'll probably recruit a local who knows the jargon to help me out, or maybe I'll demo to begin with.