Friday, December 28, 2007

White Owl Closed

Some TNT mates and I gave some thought to hosting a New Years Eve party to raise money, but we thought we might have too much competition. If only we'd known!!!

I heard on NPR this AM that the White Owl is getting shutdown from Dec 31 to Jan 4 for serving a minor. According the Herald Journal, the White Owl has an incredibly strict underage drinking policy and the minor was let in by mistake.

New Years Snow!

Woo hoo! I leave for a week and boy does it snow. When I got back to the Salt Lake City International (International? Really. I noticed a flight from London was on the same baggage claim carousel as mine), my trusty Moondoggie (X-terra) was a car-cicle, covered in snow and ice.

The Beav is open, but I'm headed to Park City for the weekend. I just tried on new socks, this mask, and my ski boots and tromped around my apartment for a while loading the dishwasher and brushing my teeth. I'm pretty sure that my downstairs neighbors loved it. I have now given up because my shins kill. Think it's a bad sign? Think I should dress like that all the time, so I'm prepared for the door-to-door salesmen?

TNT shout outs: Between Marmalade and Wildernesse, I'm over $400 - reaching my goal of $400 for the month of December. I've got to raise $400 a month until April. Thanks guys!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

More TNT Shout Outs

A big one to KJRM who shocked me with a $100 to the cause. Wow!

Snow Pics

So, it's been snowing pretty regularly. In the valley, if it sticks, it tends to melt within a day -- except for this resistant icy patch behind my parking place, determined to see me slide into a metal pole or a neighbors car. It does seem as though it is collecting in the mountains though.

There was enough snow for some decent early season skiing last weekend at SnowBasin. Did I post on that? I had to rent skis because Al's is consipring against me, but I did get to try these Stocklis, which I really liked.

In any case, I did finally get around to taking a couple pics in front of my apartment the other day.

Holiday Cooking - Brigadeiro

Last night JW of Logan Newcomers hosted a games night and chocolate potluck. I left myself about 3 hours to prepare something. I ran to, my favorite online recipe source and found a recipe for a Brazilian treat I'd never heard of, brigadeiro. It has three basic ingredients and looked like it wouldn't take that long to prepare.

I tried coating them in four different ways. 1. Hot Cocoa mix - I thought this would be easy and tasty, but I didn't like how the flavors and textures mixed. 2. Coconut flakes - it was harder to get the mixture to roll on, but the flavor was the best, I'd only attempt this when you're rolling the candy as it's still slightly warm. I left half of what I made in the pot overnight and rolled them this morning in 3. Powdered sugar - easy, elegant. 4. Powdered sugar mixed with cocoa powder - probably the best combo of flavor, coating ease and appearance. As long as you don't let the warm candy balls touch, you wouldn't actually need a coating, it develops a bit of a shell as it cools, but for appearance and taste, I would add some sort of coating.

I did couldn't find mini cups at the store yesterday, just pastel regular size, so I arraigned them as a trio in the cups. "Trio" makes me think of Top Chef. They do trios all the time.

I didn't make it to the game night last night because some fellow newcomers and I decided to hit up another party first. You know, just pop in, say hi, meet some new people. But by the time we left, the game party was over. So I have a plate of candy in my fridge staring at me.

Candy review: Easy of making: 8 out of 10 (rolling by hand is a little time consuming, but I was able to get a batch and a half made in under three hours including the trip to the store). Appearance: 10 out of 10 (it's so easy to make these look very elegant, and vary the appearance). Taste: 7 out of 10 (tasty enough, but no English toffee or pralines).

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

All I Want for Christmas

A "No Solicitation" sign for my door. This one's only $7.50. I have no color preference. This one is nicer, but $20.00. Check out this one with a cat. Oooo maybe I can get this (pictured), the small one is okay.

Anyways the point is that I get a ridiculous number of door to door sales men and various other solicitations at my apartment in Logan. It's quite annoying.

If you'reworried that someone else might have gotten me a sign already, you can always donate to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Shout outs to JH and EH for recent contributions. My goal line is showing $155 out of $1,700. In truth I have an extra $100 that I put in myself to cover the cost of my participation in the race, so there's $1445 to go.

Monday, December 3, 2007

More Awesomeness

Wildernesse gave me a plug on her blog for TNT. Thanks!
Plug love: Read Wildernese to see how someone else is exploring her new 'hood (Raleigh, NC) and general adventure seeking.

Update: I think that I must attribute a $25 contribution from FL to this plug. Thanks again!

Local Art

So I completely forgot to update on a CV local outing last Friday. I stopped by the art gallery walk (I don't remember the official name). I loved the snow. That was the best thing (are you catching a theme here?). It was so gorgeous and just added to the whole affair. The next best thing was how neat it was to see that we have a population of local artists. There were paintings, a band, prints, ceramics, and poetry. I only stopped into the Italian Place which looked pretty good and had a great cozy feel. It was all very nice. I should make a point of doing the full tour next year, but I got distracted by the Owl. Bad Owl.

The other art that I noticed was a series of the coyote prints at the Cafe Sabor (presumably always there). It's the same coyotes that are on the Common Ground gift cards that have been around town for a couple months. Anyways, I like the print of the coyotes with working on their Ponzi Scheme and asset allocation. Who's a dork? The chicken taco was also good. BTW, for the beer matrix: Cafe Sabor - Negra Modelo real, Dos Equis not.

Who rocks the house?

LM. It's true. Holy-quick response to my appeal for TNT funds-batman!

Also the peep's at Alkaline. They've volunteered to make some of their one of the kind items for sale and raffle at the Logan February TNT fundraiser.

Any locals want to weigh in on when the fundraiser should be? Thursday Feb 7th or Sunday Feb 10th. FYI: The annual chocoalte festival is on the 9th. We can get a restaurant to ourselves on Sunday. Thursday, we'll have a max occupany of 95.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

So Much Snow

We've gotten quite a bit of snow the past couple of days. If I can pick myself up off the couch, I'll take my camera out on a run.

I meant to take it to our Team in Training run yesterday. We decided to continue running on the river trail. There was quite a bit of snow, which made it pretty and really hard running. It was fun, but I don't think we're going to make a habit of it. We ran into people cross country skiing.

All the snow made me realize I should finally get my bindings mounted on my skiis. So I took them to Al's where a kid told me that they can't mount bindings unless I have a boot. So asked them if they have a demo package (I don't want to buy yet because I want to test them out first), and they don't. I hear I may have better luck at the Sportsman.

Rock Paper Scissors Tourney

I was recently telling some CV peeps about a Rock, Paper, Scissors Tourney I had been to. Maybe it was a TNT fundraising idea. I was beaten to it though. Apparently this is what we have to do for fun in Cache Valley (Sorry for the ad, I couldn't find it on You Tube).

Friday, November 30, 2007

North Logan Downtown

I just ran across a reference to a development plan for a North Logan "downtown" in the Herald Journal. So I looked into it and found this plan online. Basically, there's an area along 200 E running from 1800 N to 2500 N that is charted to have mixed development including a hotel and luxury condos.

It strikes me as a bit odd because I associate mixed development with the near city communities in Arlington, VA (where I just moved from). I have a hard time understanding how a Ballston or Shirlington would work in Cache Valley. Looking at the plan, one big difference between the mixed development of Arlington and North Logan's is the vast amount of land devoted to parking lots. It's essential for that intensity of land use when parking garages don't make economic sense. It looks like they've done a decent job of hiding the parking lots except for a stretch along the east side of 200 E and the west side of 400 E. I just don't buy that the trees are going to hide much, not here.

I can't decide if it's completely ridiculous to plan mixed development here or if I should look into one of the condos. I do miss some of the conveniences of the arrangement.

This is such a huge change. I run down 200 E from 1400N to Hyde Park because it's relatively flat and there aren't too many cars to deal with. I guess that's going to change. No more horses and fields either. It's sort of neat to see a "downtown" being established. I generally think of them as just springing up naturally. I'm sure in some cases they did.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Newcomers Ad

The best way to find out about Logan Newcomers upcoming events is to go to their website, But one of the founders will also ocasionaly put something on I know it's one of the first places I looked for stuff when I came to town. Maybe the ad will remind me to RSVP to events there, so other newcomers know there's activity there.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lowest Crime in US

The Logan metropolitan area is the safest in the country. Read about it here.


We have flurries in the valley! About time.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday Beer

The big story this week in Cache Valley is the sale of beer at the Nibley Maverick on Sundays. It turns out that Nibley (town south of Logan) just doesn't have a law against it. There is discussion of expanding beer sales to other cities in the Valley and Nibley may decide to write an ordinance prohibiting Sunday beer. So, get it while it's hot.

BTW, Mickey did a post on the liquor laws. Seems to be consistent with what I've learned. I think he left out the bit about 1oz of liquor limit in cocktails. Or maybe that's myth.

The next challenge, the skinny on how drinks change by venue. E.g. the Corona at Chili's is standard. At Et Toro, it's 3.2, but the Negro Modelo is standard. Everything at the White Owl is under 4%. I'm not sure I got that right, but I'm coming to understand that it's a little more complicated than I thought at first.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Running Llama

Team in Training training runs started today. Afterwards the team got together to discuss fund raising strategy. First step, I have a web page. Check it out! I also drafted a letter. If I have your address, you'll be getting a letter sometime in the near future.

Other ideas:
We're planning a fund raising event in February. More details to come. I'm pushing the karaoke idea hard. We'll see...

I was also thinking about having some sort of bake sale. It would give me an outlet for my desire to cook. The missing piece is a place to set up shop. I could just make fliers offering to make stuff for people's holiday parties. I did hear something about people tailgating at Beaver Mountain on Sundays. Beer and caramel popcorn?

Monday, November 12, 2007

Ski Swap

I've been noticing these signs around town since last Thursday for a ski swap. I was going to look it up online. Thanks to John at NewComer's I got the inside scoop delivered to my inbox.

Ski Swap Thur-Sat, Nov 15-17Stan Laub Indoor Football Training Center (about 1050 E 1400 North) Half a football field (literally) of used snow equipment. Mostly downhill skis and snowboard, cross country,snowshoe, and clothing.

November 15, 2005 7-9pm
November 16, 2005 9am-10pm (Best Day)
November 17, 2005 9am-10pm

If you are thinking of trying out equipment this year before you buy:
Beaver Mountain has a good selection of rental Demo Downhill skis on themountain.
Sam's Club has snowshoes for $70 now
ORC rents snowshoes for $10 for the weekend
ORC cross country skis are $10 for the weekend

The other hint I've heard is that if you're willing to wait the college kids off load stuff like crazy in the spring before they go home. Here's to being a townie.


Speaking of swag*, the Warren Miller annual film was last week, Playground. I went with the Logan Newcomers. It's basically a swagfest (with more todo about swag than actual swag) with the main give away being a lift ticket to The Canyons, which is apparently so difficult to use that I haven't met anyone who's actually used it. There are also some door prizes, stuff from Al's Sporting Goods and a season pass to Beaver Mountain. I didn't win anything, but give it up to the announcer from Al's who actually made other people winning seem fun. As for the movie, it made me content with my baby skis and add a water weenie** to my Christmas list.

* Out of respect, I separated this from the missionary post.
** I can't believe there isn't any footage on You Tube of the BYU Water Weenie Squad.

My First Visit

It was really only a matter of time, right? I got my first visit from Mormon missionaries tonight. They knocked quite vigorously, so I thought it might be my fam making a surprise visit. But when I looked through the peep hole (purely a screening process, I've been getting a lot of salesmen -sooo not worried about criminal types here), there were a couple of guys in the suits. One of the guys was waving. How'd he know I was looking through the peep hole?? That completely freaked me out -- thinking he could see my eye and all -- so I opened on up.

I let the guy get through a bit of his spiel before explaining, I'm not buying what he's selling. We dialouged a little. "If God had sent his son to die for our sins wouldn't it be nice if he told us?" " Makes sense." "Do you live alone?" "Who's asking?" But I didn't want to lead them on. It's a bit too cold to be wasting time standing outside talking to someone who isn't going to convert.

I did get some cool swag, my own Book of Mormon. I'm actually pretty jazzed about it. Not just because all swag is good, but because I'm genuinely interested in knowing more about the locals. They asked me to read the intro and told me they'd be back. Awesome. I plan to do the homework. Next time I'd like to ask for some literature besides the book (like cliff notes and Mormon theology for dummies), but I'm a little concerned about giving the wrong impression.

I need to keep my apartment more picked up, so next time they come I can think about inviting them in. It's cold.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Team in Training: Logan Team

We've got 3 (almost 4) people on board with a Team in Training in Logan tonight. I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but it's enough to get the ball rolling. I'm hoping that we'll be able to get some others to join. Our captain is hoping to announce it at the monthly Meet and Greet for Logan Newcomers next week.

Some of the details:

  • Long runs on Saturdays - in the valley most of the time, but we'll probably try to hook up with the larger Salt Lake group every so often
  • Group fundraising events - some of the suggestions in their pamphlet sound like a lot of fun.
  • Chapter Event Kick Off - November 13, 2007; 7:00 pm (or 6:00 pm if you want to get additional info and register)
  • Fundraising goal - $1700 per person
  • Honored Teammate: Omar F.; 7 years old with Hodgkins Lymphoma; currently undergoing; loves dinosaurs
  • Salt Lake Marathon - April 19, 2008; 26.2 miles

Article on how close researchers are to finding a cure for Hodgkin's disease.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


In case anyone reads this, TNT is having a meeting tomorrow. It's going to be fun! Come on.

We will be meeting at the Sports Academy & Racquet Club (1655 North 200 East North Logan ). The meeting will begin at 6:30 PM and last for no longer than 1 1/2 hours.

About the Leukemia Society:
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is the world's largest voluntary health organization dedicated to funding blood cancer research, education and patient services. The Society's mission: Cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families. Since its founding in 1949, the Society has invested more than $550.8 million for research specifically targeting blood cancers.

The Society is committed to curing leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma, and helping patients and their families. The support you provide is invested wisely. In fiscal year 2007, the Society invested $64.7 million to support more than 480 researchers and projects in 15 countries on five continents. The Society also provides financial assistance to patients; sponsors scientific conferences around the country; produces educational materials and videos; and runs dozens of Family Support Groups nationwide.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Team in Training

A fellow newcomer is helping to put together a Team in Training (TNT) group for the Logan Area. Team in Training raises money for the Lukemia Society. Participans agree to raise a certain amount of, and TNT will train you to run/walk the Salt Lake City Marathon or Half Marathon.

I'll provide further updates after the informational meeting on this Wednesday (November 4, 2007 6:30pm Sport's Academy). As a newcomer, this should be a fun way to meet people. This should be great encouragement to keep running through the winter.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


When I was moving west, I really wanted to go through Boulder on my drive out. In my mind Boulder has been one of the ideal places to live. When my friend in NYC said that she was plannng to try out some cities in the west -- thinking she wanted to move --including Denver, I encouraged her to think about Boulder. So we decided to meet in Denver, check it out and then go to Boulder.

I knew that I had built it up in my mind a bit, so it would be hard for it to meet my expectations. So I was a little concerned about that. I was also concerned about Virginia enjoying it. We're different people and there's not too much reason to think that we're going to be looking for the same things in a place to live.

Anyways, it's been just horrible. For starters, the weather sucks. It's pretty much been raining and cold since we got here. We're in bad moods and we've been hanging out in our hotel room way more than I like. Yesterday, I was trying to be positive. I'm done with it. Out loud, I'm practicing only saying positive things for the moment. I think that taking positive actions and saying positive things can make things better. But I'm so miserable.

The silver lining: my fascination with Boulder is over. I'm pretty sure that Boulder would be a fabulous place to live, but it's not magical. I thought being here could make me sad about where I live. It's got the night life and culture that Logan lacks. It's a good place to be single. To be honest, I didn't move to the Cache Valley to be in this location. I moved for a job. I have been trying to make the location work. There's lots to enjoy about the Valley. Approaching 30, I don't really need a night life anymore. I get to be close to family. And enjoying one's home is determined by how you live your life far more than where your home is.

I'm not a person that gets home sick and I can't think of a time in recent memory when I have wanted to be in my home more. Cache Valley, I'm so happy I get to wake up with you tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Crowding Out

I was all curious about how crowds would be a factor in the more rural environment. Observation: don't try to do laps in the Sports Academy pool before work. Really, it doesn't take too many people to crowd out a lap pool, so this shouldn't be too much of a surprise. This is the second morning that I've had to retreat from morning laps. I've never had a problem in the evening though.

I used the time to go grocery shopping and to learn how to subscribe to RSS feeds. I'm using Google Reader and changed my homepage to iGoogle, where I can display it. I've been clicking on those subscribe to blog feed links on people's pages for a while and nothing ever seemed to happen.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


We got snow! Not in the valley, just on the mountains and a bit on the bench. We got snow a couple of weekends ago in the mountains as well, but there was much more this weekend. Yesterday was all grey and ugly, but it was gorgeous today. I switched up my run today so I could take in the best view of the valley that I know if from the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.

There was great constrast between the autumn colors of the leaves and the snow. It's hard to see in pictures, but from across the valley, you can see the snow line on the Wellsvilles and below it, it's still all red.

It took me an hour to run 3 miles because I kept stopping to take pictures. I felt like such a tourist. I'm just all excited about having snow. Plus, while there will be plenty more snow, the fall colors won't be around for much longer.


I have long thought that the Wellsvilles were the steepest mountain range in North America, but Wikipedia can't confirm it.

First Dam

You can pick up the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, by parking at First Dam and going through the tunnel under 400 N. This is the view on the way up the switch backs.

The Island

The Island is formed where the Logan River comes out of the canyon and there is no bench against the mountains. The bench is the old shoreline from Lake Bonneville and it sits higher than the rest of the valley which would have been under water. So the trees that are low in this picture are on the Island; the houses that are visible are on the bench.

Snow and Maples

On the Bonneville Shoreline Trail Wasatch Range. You acn also see the sage brush, which was particularly fragrant. Perhaps the snow brought out the smell.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Malt Beverages

I was half listening to NPR this morning and heard something about a vote to change the status of malt beverages in Utah. I interpretted it as the 3.2 rule being overturned. This rule limits the beverage that can be sold in grocery/convenience stores/some restaurants to 3.2 percent alcohol by volume. This means that there is a whole class of low alcohol content beer and malt beverages marketed in Utah. Restaurants with hard liquor lisences and package stores (State stores) may sell normal content beer and other alcoholic beverages. I've been trying to untangle Utah liquor laws from the mythology. There are further rules about how alcohol can be served in restarurants and different classifications of restaurants (private clubs).

Anyways, the 3.2 rule is not being overturned as I had hoped. Nope, the State liquor regulators have voted to pull flavored malt beverages of the shelves of grocery and convenience stores (they were already less than 3.2 percent) because they are marketed to appeal to minors. There was some talk of taking this to the legislature, but that would have opened up the issue to unfortunate debate, so the requlators are just going to go forward based on the Alcoholic Beverage Control Comission vote.

Correction: "Also you refer to the alcohol limit in beer as 3.2% by volume. That's incorrect. The alcohol measurment your thinking of is by weight. Utah beer available in grocer/convenient stores maxes out at 4.0% by volume. Or 3.2% by weight. those are two different types of measurment." That's according to Mikey. I'll have to ask him what the impact is on the beer. Mikey seems to keep abreast of state/local liqour laws. He scooped NPR here. He also has some information on local beer related events.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Sucky Blog

My blog sucks. I know it. I was just reading Liz's blog and it's so awesome. Cache Valley, I'm going to do you better.

She also opened an online shop selling crafty things. I love this apron and if I had it I would wear it out. Or I would cook all the time and find friends to come be my audience.

Cache Valley Gardeners' Market

I have to go to the Farmer's Market!!! It's going to be ending in a month. I can't do it this week because I'm running the Huntsville Half Marthon, but I'm so doing this the next weekend. Don't let me forget. Actually, I'm putting it in my calendar. It does mean I'll have to wake up early to do my weekly long run, but it's sooo going to be worth it.

(Wasatch Back–North: Logan) Cache Valley Gardeners’ Market in Logan, Utah.

Open Saturdays from May 13 through October 14 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Pioneer Park, 100 South 200 East, Logan, Utah. "The market was started to allow people who were growing large gardens, so common in the Cache Valley, to market their extra produce. That’s why it’s called a Gardeners’ Market. The market has grown to include produce vendors who only come to sell a one time surplus of potatoes, to small scale farmers who make it every weekend and have a following of loyal customers. In addition, we welcome vendors with handmade craft items and food products to our market." See for more information.

Was that way too much excitement for a post on a market that I haven't been too? Well, I was talking to Em in SF and she was telling me about a recipe made with frissee lettuce, and I was like, "Where do I get that in Logan?" And then I ran into this online. So anyways I got all excited mostly because it's easy to get excited when talking to Em. And also, the Citrus and Sage (coffee shop on 100 E and 100 N) serves its iced lattes with two shots standards. No more two shots for me. I have a one shot max from here on out.

North Logan City News

I got this newsletter today, so I thought I'd let you know what's going on in NLC.

1. Community preparedness exercises Sept 5 and Sept 19. Features: a table top exercise a day long disaster exercise involving the entire community, a calling tree organized by the LDS church.
Seriously? A calling tree? Organized by the church? I have two feelings at the same time. That's so small town cool. The other is does the LDS church have my cell number? I doubt it and I plan to keep it that way. In the event of a North Logan City disaster, I am sooo screwed.

2. Banned Books Week. That's a direct quote. It's Sept 29-Oct 6. Now I was pretty intrigued when I read that. It turns out that the event is to celebrate "our freedom to read". ??? It's actually an event developed by the American Library Association that encourages the reading of commonly banned books. I think I'll bring along a copy of And Tango Makes Three for the kids.

3. Two meetings of the City Council this month, Sept 6 (also a Planning Commission meeting for the County) and Sept 20th. Issues: new subdividisions, the Mixed Use Zone's interaction with the city center initiative, road changes.

4. Planning for the annual Pumpkin Walk Oct 18th- Oct 23rd.

5. Directions on how to earn points toward being a Super Citizen. This month NLC super citizens are getting involved in disaster preparedness by creating their 72 hour kit and participating in the local exercises.
Super Citizens are collecting points to earn a SUPER CITIZEN AWARD!!!!! You can participate from now until July 2008. I'm sort of tempted to participate.
Do you think I could be a North Logan Super Citizen?

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Discount Tickets

Now that I'm mostly equiped for ski season. I'm on the look out for discount lift tickets. Locally, lots of people get season passes to Beaver Mountain. They go on sale sometime in spring and go up in price until the season starts. They're at $420 now. That's probably not worth it for me anymore. Maybe next year.

It seems that some ski shops sell discounted lift tickets in SLC and Park City. Canyon Sports is one. I'll have to check out the Logan ski shops.


There was a "tent" sale at Al's Sporting Goods yesterday. Someone told me I had to go check it out and get $500 skis for $90. So I headed on over.

Normally I like to research my gear purchases thouroughly in advance, but I went into this one nearly blind. I tried to impress upon the sales person that even though I don't know anything about ski equipment that I'm not actually a beginner, so please don't give me beginner skis.

She was sooo not convinced.
How long have my skis been in the past? Uhhh... I remember renting some 165s about 4 years ago.
Well... skis are getting shorter now, how bout these 153s? Uhhh.... Are these baby skis?
No. . <Silence>
Well, how can I argue with that? I'm just so sure that I have just bought baby skis. On the bright side they have a price sticker that says $299 and I got them for $89, so at least they are a good deal.

Then I went to the bindings guy. He found two that might work. I noted that either the blue or the red would match my baby skis. He pointed out that the more expensive red ones can be looser now that I'm in baby skis, but when I graduate to the next level, they can get tighter and will even go with my next pair of big girl skis. He knows I don't really need baby skis. Sold!

The big ego killer was that there was noone to standing by to help with the poles. Apparently anyone who would think to buy poles would know how high they should be. Uhhh... I felt like such an idiot. They all seemed so tall. I grabbed the shortest pair I could find in 10 minutes of digging. Then I went back to the ski girl. She said that she would want them shorter. Well this is the girl that outfitted me in baby skis, so I ignored her and bought them before she could take back my baby skis and try to sell me a tube instead.

I have found my skis online in a lot of beginner rental packages at resorts, which makes me sad about my purchase. But then I found this: "Designed for intermediates and beyond. Based on a stable, wider waisted chassis, these skis give developing skiers the confidence they need to loosen boundaries and expand horizons in all conditions ." That's me. I'm expanding my horizons. That's also pretty much what the ski girl said, without the inspirational horizon part and she didn't tell me I need a wide waisted chassis. Good think on that last bit.

Other Al's booty includes some Smith Sun glasses and Gu -- all on sale of course. I still need to buy boots. That's a key purchase, so I'll probably recruit a local who knows the jargon to help me out, or maybe I'll demo to begin with.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


Check it out! I have red tomoatoes. I'm going to eat them tomorrow. They smell so good and tomatoey -- even if they're small.

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Vegas Weekend

One of the nice things about moving to Utah is that I'm closer to Vegas. I've been telling my friend that'd I'd come visit. Last weekend I finally did for the first time.
The best thing about Vegas (besides friends) are the pools. We started out at the Palms where Beth convinced me to where heels.

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I was thinking that it was just like a party in the vicinity of a pool. Nope, it's a party in a pool. Heels and water aren't a classic combo. So I walked around in my bare feet. The ground in Vegas is hot!!! -- but vodka makes it cool off...or something.

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My hosts and I snuck into the pool at the Wynn. They're sooo cool -- teaching me all the local tricks. Wha? You think I'm going to dish here? No way. Go find your own hip locals.
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Japanese Teppan! I will have to put up the video of the guy putting onion on fire, but that will require me posting on YouTube, which means getting an account. So it's just me an minerva watching the strobe light onion fire.
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Note the people dancing and the smoke. This is Moon -- it's a club. Someone local in Logan asked me if I'd gone to a club here yet. See that, that's a club. Do you see that in Logan. No. We probably do have a D.J. of the same caliber, i.e., s/he was pretty bad. But the venue more than made up for it. There is a great view of the strip from outside.
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Logan ... club?

Here are Beth and Kim. Aren't they pretty?
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Oh and I showed my incredible ability to find the llamas where ever they may be. This is the mythological great white llama. Sigfried and Roy found it deep in the Peruvian cloud forest. It was a key part of the show until it mauled Sigfried -- or was it Roy.
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It was protected by a very surly alpaca. Grrr!
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Fire Update

Yesterday the Logan Newcomers went on a short hike on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, starting at Dry Canyon. We walked to the area where the fire was last week. The area was black and charred, but it was less dramatic than I expected. I guess that's because its surrounded by yellow grass. The burned areas almost blend in.

Tire tracks through the fire scar
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The edge of the fire scar
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Kerry and I in the burnt tree arbor with Snook and Abbey
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The newcomers are pretty nice. The people that started the group aren't completely new, so they have lots of useful information. They're also pretty energetic trying to get people involved. It's all quite nice. I can't participate int the events for the next couple of weekends, but I'm going to keep trying to go to the weekday events.

I guess I can't next week. I'm going to Lake Powell. Oh Drats!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

YouTube Finds

So following the link to the fire report led me to a selection of Cache Valley oriented YouTube videos.

I'm not sure what I think of this one. Walking in Logan Is it inspirational? creepy? It is funny to note that I recognized specific houses in addition to the iconic places (the Temple).

Oh man, there are a ton of these. I'm going to discover Logan culture through YouTube.

The sport of Tire Rolling is worth a couple chuckles. According to evidence on YouTube, tire rolling is popular any place where men live in mountainous areas.

Top Five Romantic Places in Cache Valley. Ugh, put it on mute - such a bad sound track. In case you don't want to watch, they are 1. Tony Grove, 2. Flying (not a place, but cool) 3. Benson Marina, 4. These folk's home, 5. North Logan Foothills.

Here's video on the crazy man that stands at 1000 N and Main. I've been trying to take pictures of him on my phone as I pass. He's walking here. What I think is interesting is that this THE crazy guy. The crazy guy in Ballston wore a devil costume. This guy is wearing khaki shorts and a polo. That's just not all that crazy.

Okay, he's not the only crazy guy. There's the man on bike. Maybe he's on YouTube too.


I was driving from Logan to Petersboro this afternoon and noticed a fire on the Wasatch just south of Logan Canyon. I was hoping that it was some sort of controlled fire, but apparently not. By 7 there were fires in many places on the mountain and I could see flames all the way across the valley.

Luckily we've had a bit of rain lately. Hopefully the fire peeps will be able to get it under control. It looked like it was moving into the mouth of Logan Canyon.

It seems there were four separate fires and at least two of them have merged. There are some power lines/substations out. They estimate that power is off to 8,300 homes. The power was out at our company buildings in Petersboro and Paradise. As you can gather, I have power in my apartment.

I know that there are frequently fires in the general area, I don't know how this compares in scope or how often it's this close to the city. I did find some YouTube feed on a fire in BlackSmith Fork Canyon last week. It looks to be bigger than what I saw this afternoon. Blacksmith Fork canyon is south of where today's fire is.

Today's fires:

Herald Journal Article: FOUR FIRES IGNITED EAST OF LOGAN (Updated: 7:17 p.m.)

Logan: Facts and Observations

The water fountain at 100 N and Main has been running constantly for weeks. Today I took a drink from it since it was already on.

I'll try to get a pic. It's on the corner in front of the Zions and across from the NPR Story Corps trailer. I wish I could think of someone to interview for Story Corps. All of the recordings I've heard on morning edition have been really cool. Maybe I could interview the water fountain.

When were you installed?
How long have you been running constantly?
Do you get tired of running all the time?
Do you worry about the wasted water?
What will happen if someone doesn't shut you off before winter?
Do people stop for a drink more or less often since you've been running nonstop?
Do you know what we can do to turn you off?
Are you more or less happy since you've been permanently on?

Friday, July 27, 2007

Night at the Opera

Tonight I saw my first opera. Who would've thought that'd happen in Logan, UT? The Utah Opera Festival runs for a month each summer. The productions aren't limited to opera, but do focus on musical production.

I saw Il Trovatore. I supose it's the nature of opera to be quite dramatic. It seemed a bit over kill to begin with, but as the plot progressed, I got drawn in and the music and story seemed to be better matched. I really liked the gypsy character.
I wouldn't mind catching another show before the season ends in two weeks.

Logan Newcomers

Newcomers Logo

I haven't been trying too hard to get out and meet people. I've been keeping plenty busy settling in and working. I'm sure that's going to get old though.

On Thursday a coworker told me about a New Comers meeting at the White Owl (local bar). Even though she's been here a while, she joined me. A couple from Boulder is getting a club together for people that are new to town. They're getting activities orgainzied, like hiking, canoeing, biking, girls night out. I'm very eager to join. I'd really like to start hiking.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Band Practice

Apparently there is a Bridger Pointe band. They practice on the stairs right below my balcony on Tuesday night at 10:14 pm. Awesome. Who says you can't get live music in Logan Utah?

Monday, July 23, 2007


My new apartment faces west. Here's some pics of Minerva checking out the sunset tonight.

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Tomato Plants

On my first trip to Walmart after signing the lease on my new apartment, I expected to be overwelmed with the realization that there was so much that I needed to buy. Walmart has that effect. It didn't happen.

Instead, I couldn't think of anything that I really needed. What I ended up with were a couple of tomato plants. You just can't beat fresh garden grown tomaotes. I bought a couple of grocery tomatoes to hold me over, but was confident that soon I would be eating my own.

Bah! There were rows and rows of tomato plants in the Walmart garden section and not one sign that said, "If you don't have a green house, don't bother." At first I thought I was doing well, I very quickly got little green fruits.

One month later...that's still what I have lots of little green fruits - on the one plant that is producing anything. They won't grow bigger than 1.5" diameter and they won't turn red. I"m on the lookout for a fried green mini tomato recipe.

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I knew I should have gotten some cactus.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cowboy Cuisine

I went to the "Italian" Place last week on the recommendation of a coworker. It's right across from the Ibis coffee shop.

Anyways. There's nothing Italian about it. It's a complete curiosity. It's really cowboy cuisine (is that a recognized food category) on sandwiches. I had the house specialty, steak, egg, cheese, mushroom, peppers and onions. It's like a Denver omelet meets cheese steak.

This got me to thinking about how it's odd that they're selling the regional food under another cuisine heading (complete with sandwich names like, The Manhattan). Then I got this great idea for a Cowboy Bistro. Take cowboy cuisine and take it up a notch to bistro fare. Like, take the Four Seasons (the sandwich I had today) upgrade to artisan bread and change the cheese from provolone to brie.

Maybe that's just a perversion. The right starting place would be to understand the cuisine as a concept first before trying to make it into something else. Ooo! I have a project. Here's some recipes I found online.

I just got my new pots and pans two days ago, so I can get cookin.

Harry Potter Weekend

I've been in Logan almost a month now. I've got an apartment and I'm slowly getting settled in. I just got a couch on loan in to my place to day and some other furniture I bought assembled.

Work's been going quite well. I've been keeping busy there, settling in or hanging out with my family. I haven't made much effort at meeting new friends yet. I haven't much felt the need to. There was finding a new place, moving, unpacking, equiping the new place, the new job, family boating/horseback riding trip. It seems like when I get a break, I'm happy to be alone.

I was thinking to myself that this coming weekend might be the first weekend when I am really going to want to go find some friends. But then I remembered Harry Potter arrives on Saturday. I think I have a date with a book and my new couch. Tomorrow I'll have to do Harry Potter prep (i.e. make sure I have supplies to not leave the couch for a day and a half). Come on Logan post office, don't let me down.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Moving Day

Yesterday I kept pointing out to my mom and Gary all of the things that I like in DC, the running path, the views of the monuments which happen all the time, the happy knowledge of getting around. I had my last dinner at Bebo Trattoria, which was unexpectedly good. Mom got the special of Regenetti (sp?) which was by far the best choice. The wine menu was quite extensive and the one we had was great.

Today I take the cat to the vet (so she can make the plane ride to Utah)and then leave DC as my abode for the foreseeable future. Bye DC, it turns out that I'm too close to provide any deep refleciton on the city and it's peeps for now. I'm sure I'll be making long lists about everything I miss in the coming months.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I just found this great website. Roadside America. Your online guide to offbeat tourist attractions. I hope to take advantage of this as I work my way across the middle states. It has maps of attractions in each state as well as highlights of each state.
An example from Arkansas: Snake World, Berryville, Arkansas: A snake-lovin' guy with a reptile ranch in his yard.

Potential route, not taking into account of offbeat tourist attractions.

Farewell DC!

It's my last day of work here. I have a touch of a headache from the wine last night. I woke up on a delfated air matress. It's time to go.

Here's my room in Arlington painting in progress and then packing in progress. I've been leaving in a wreck of a room for about 3 weeks now.

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Thursday, June 7, 2007

East Coast Farewell Tour: NYC

I have a week left and I’m ready to go. The people in Manhattan seem to think there is only one place on the planet worth living: Manhattan. DC might be acceptable, but it’ll never measure up to New York. Utah blows their mind. The question is always the same – even in DC, “Are you Mormon?” “No.” It’s clear that I must be crazy. And they had me thinking that too for a bit. What have I done? I have no clue. “You’ll have to drive.” I know. I suggested to one guy that life was about what you take from it. It takes talent and effort to get the most out of it, but it is everywhere. No, he said. It’s all about location. We’ll see.

You should see the cute Victorian I want for $450 a month. $450 a month on a park right. I could walk to work after all. Do you know what that would cost in the East Village? But it’s not the East Village. No. Check out that pic at the top of this page and then talk to me about location. We’ll see.

I’m still worried about my move. Am I going to be able to build a life I want? But it now longer seems clear to me that the city is the place to be. I think New York put me over the edge. It’s a drug and I’m always hungover there. This weekend I’m saying my farewell to DC. It’s been a long affair.

East Coast Farewell Tour

I have been on my East Coast Farewell tour. It started with going on a previously planned trip to Atlanta (actually Gwinnett County) shortly after I decided to move west. That was great, seeing people from back home, taking time with the family there. My friend Karinna is about to have a baby.

Since then, I’ve been going nonstop. I decided that I am going to keep so incredibly busy seeing people that I would miss, doing things I won’t be able to do any more and moving that by the time I left DC, I will be so burned out – maybe I won’t miss it so much. I’m not sure how it’s going to work out, but boy am I getting tired.

I was thinking, I have to see the Holocaust Museum, try to get into the White House, see an Opera or the Symphony at the Kennedy Center… I managed to catch the Shakespeare Free For All production of Love’s Labor Lost in Rock Creek Park a couple of weeks ago. That was fun. But mostly, I realize that all the stuff I haven’t done is stuff that I haven’t done for some reason or another for the last 5 years. Those aren’t going to be the things I miss.

I was thinking the same way about NYC, I took the train up there last weekend to see Virginia and hang out. I was thinking that we should see a play, I should jog in Central Park, maybe I should do the touristy things I’ve never done there (Statute of Liberty). But when were thinking about seeing STOMP, I was thinking, sounds good, but I don’t want to be pent up for my last hours in Manhattan. So we walked around, doing the usual. Shopping a bit, eating a bit, mostly just walking. I don’t know why just walking is enough in Manhattan. I would think I would get bored of endless walking somewhere else, but there’s always something new to see.

By Sunday I was ready to slow down. Really I want to slow down now, but my room is in such disarray, I don’t want to be there. And there’s only one week left. Don’t Stop. Don’t Stop til You Get Enough.

Next Friday, I head off for the last leg of the East Coast Farewell Tour. The family reunion in Graham, NC. I don’t know how long I’ll be there.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Here's a neat page I found. It shows the times for sunset and sun rise over the course of the year. I was thinking to myself that I might have less light in winter in Logan than DC. But it turns out that it's not all that much different than DC, about 30 min per day at the extremes.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wanted: Friends

NTAFR* seeks friends to run with. Crazy friends.

I just was reading about the Wasatch Back Relay on the Kenyan Within. Sounds like she had a lot of fun when she did this. Obviously I won't be able to enter this year**

Wasatch Back Relay
Think of it as a 178-mile party with 12 best friends. Teams of 12 will rock out to live bands, enjoy the wacky participant costumes, and make life-long friends with teammates and competitors. Teams will party along the backside of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains from Logan (85 miles north of Salt Lake City) to Park City, Utah (15 miles east of Salt Lake City).

*New to Area Female Runner -- like people aren't making up acronyms left and right on CL.

** Not obviously--digression. Whoa! Wait, maybe I can do this. Peeps are still looking to fill up teams. Let me contemplate this. Move June 15th go to North Carolina for family reunion, depart Monday June 18th. Arrive in Logan Thursday June 21. Race is June 22-23. I might be able to do it. It really would depend on the what the start time is on the 22nd. And the terrain. Between the terrain and elevation, this might not be a good idea. Ooo and based on the training schedule, I don't think my miles are high enough right now. Next year.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Watch out for the Emos!

Check out this article my friend Georgia passed along. It's from a Utah ABC affilitate. I've included the text, less this imporantant public service announcement be lost.

WARNING!! Decade old fad crosses the Wasatch. Teens experiencing angst in record numbers.

So this answers some important questions about living in my new home.
1. I'm going to have to get satellite radio.
2. The skinny jeans are coming out of the Goodwill pile and back into the closet.

ABC 4 Investigation: Emos exposed

ABC 4 News is sounding the alarm about a teen phenomenon sweeping the nation. It’s something we found most teens know about, but few parents had any clue of. It’s called EMO CULTURE.

EMO is an abbreviation for emotional. Part punk, part goth, emo kids celebrate sadness and pain. Psychologist Judith Zimmerman tells ABC 4 NEWS, “Part of the guiding philosophy of EMO kids is pain. That’s the sub-current.”

Our news team began their study of emo culture on the internet, where we quickly found hundreds of sites dedicated to teaching kids what emo is and how to be it. One site instructs, “dye your hair black. Style it in the gunshot wound and never be happy.

Happieness is a sin to emo culture.” In a state where the number two cause of teen death is suicide, experts say parents need to know emo culture and understand it.

“Not every child who looks emo may be in to cutting themselves, dark poetry or talk of suicide,” says psychologist Judith Zimmerman. “Some of these kids may just be in a phase. It’s important to tell the difference between a fashion statement and a commitment to a lifestyle. Parents need to understand the deeper meanings of why their child might be drawn to emo culture.”

For more information on emo culture, click here.


Holy Cow! Check out the Demographics for Logan, UT.

Basically it's a college town and there aren't so many people over 30. I'm not so worried about aging, but a person coupd easily feel old.

New Abode

Last night I signed the sublease with the woman who will take over my apartment of 5 years in Arlington, VA.
I plan to find a place in Utah once I get out there, and spend a couple weeks crashing at my moms. But I can't help looking. Today there is a posting of a 2 br apt on Craiglist in the Island, available June 15. I spent a little while with the goolge map, trying to figure out exactly where it was on its block and then tracing around the area, the Island trail, the way to Center and Main, the way to the Albertsons, the way to the Canyon.
I'm in contact with the guy and called my step dad to see if he would stop by and look at it for me. It really doesn't make sense to pick a place now. I'm sure I won't have any trouble finding a place once I get out there. But I'm so excited, I want to get things all sorted out. It'd be great to know where I'm going to live and think about my life in that new place.