Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Anyone have any zucchini recipes?
I went to the gardner's market on Saturday mainly on the look out for tomatoes (no luck, though there were promises of tomatoes on this coming Saturday. I induldged in some Hip Mama's Lemonade. Then I ran into the biggest zucchinis I have ever seen. The lady told me they were good for baking, so I figured I take advantage of the 3/$1 giant zucchinis.

This morning, I went out my front door for the first time in a couple of days and there were two giant zucchinis. So me, to leave my zucchinis hangin' on the porch. But where did the other one go and the bag they were in? I looked around a bit and then just took my stash in. And there to my surprise was my bag of zucchini.

It turns out that I am the beneficiary of the local custom of pawning off your unwanted zucchinis on neighbors. My coworker says that you need to leave your car windows rolled up in the summer or you'll find zucchini in your car when you come back.

I said GIANT. Here's a pic for scale. That food processor at the top is a 14 cup and the zucchini make it look tiny.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Salt Lake Tribune's Hike of the Week

I just ran across a source for local hiking info. It's the Hike of the Week published by the Salt Lake Tribune. The hikes as you might suspect aren't confined to Cache Valley. In fact, I only see three in Salt Lake, but if you're looking to hike in the Salt Lake Valley or maybe even some of the Parks down south (this week's hike is in Escalante), it would be a good resource. The Cache hikes are White Pine Lake, Naomi Peak and Wind Cave. He also lists ski/snowshoe trails for the winter.

Logan NewComers is hiking White Pine Lake on Sunday, August 3rd. Meet at the Logan Ranger station at 8:00 am to join the goup.