Friday, July 27, 2007

Night at the Opera

Tonight I saw my first opera. Who would've thought that'd happen in Logan, UT? The Utah Opera Festival runs for a month each summer. The productions aren't limited to opera, but do focus on musical production.

I saw Il Trovatore. I supose it's the nature of opera to be quite dramatic. It seemed a bit over kill to begin with, but as the plot progressed, I got drawn in and the music and story seemed to be better matched. I really liked the gypsy character.
I wouldn't mind catching another show before the season ends in two weeks.

Logan Newcomers

Newcomers Logo

I haven't been trying too hard to get out and meet people. I've been keeping plenty busy settling in and working. I'm sure that's going to get old though.

On Thursday a coworker told me about a New Comers meeting at the White Owl (local bar). Even though she's been here a while, she joined me. A couple from Boulder is getting a club together for people that are new to town. They're getting activities orgainzied, like hiking, canoeing, biking, girls night out. I'm very eager to join. I'd really like to start hiking.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Band Practice

Apparently there is a Bridger Pointe band. They practice on the stairs right below my balcony on Tuesday night at 10:14 pm. Awesome. Who says you can't get live music in Logan Utah?

Monday, July 23, 2007


My new apartment faces west. Here's some pics of Minerva checking out the sunset tonight.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Tomato Plants

On my first trip to Walmart after signing the lease on my new apartment, I expected to be overwelmed with the realization that there was so much that I needed to buy. Walmart has that effect. It didn't happen.

Instead, I couldn't think of anything that I really needed. What I ended up with were a couple of tomato plants. You just can't beat fresh garden grown tomaotes. I bought a couple of grocery tomatoes to hold me over, but was confident that soon I would be eating my own.

Bah! There were rows and rows of tomato plants in the Walmart garden section and not one sign that said, "If you don't have a green house, don't bother." At first I thought I was doing well, I very quickly got little green fruits.

One month later...that's still what I have lots of little green fruits - on the one plant that is producing anything. They won't grow bigger than 1.5" diameter and they won't turn red. I"m on the lookout for a fried green mini tomato recipe.

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I knew I should have gotten some cactus.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cowboy Cuisine

I went to the "Italian" Place last week on the recommendation of a coworker. It's right across from the Ibis coffee shop.

Anyways. There's nothing Italian about it. It's a complete curiosity. It's really cowboy cuisine (is that a recognized food category) on sandwiches. I had the house specialty, steak, egg, cheese, mushroom, peppers and onions. It's like a Denver omelet meets cheese steak.

This got me to thinking about how it's odd that they're selling the regional food under another cuisine heading (complete with sandwich names like, The Manhattan). Then I got this great idea for a Cowboy Bistro. Take cowboy cuisine and take it up a notch to bistro fare. Like, take the Four Seasons (the sandwich I had today) upgrade to artisan bread and change the cheese from provolone to brie.

Maybe that's just a perversion. The right starting place would be to understand the cuisine as a concept first before trying to make it into something else. Ooo! I have a project. Here's some recipes I found online.

I just got my new pots and pans two days ago, so I can get cookin.

Harry Potter Weekend

I've been in Logan almost a month now. I've got an apartment and I'm slowly getting settled in. I just got a couch on loan in to my place to day and some other furniture I bought assembled.

Work's been going quite well. I've been keeping busy there, settling in or hanging out with my family. I haven't made much effort at meeting new friends yet. I haven't much felt the need to. There was finding a new place, moving, unpacking, equiping the new place, the new job, family boating/horseback riding trip. It seems like when I get a break, I'm happy to be alone.

I was thinking to myself that this coming weekend might be the first weekend when I am really going to want to go find some friends. But then I remembered Harry Potter arrives on Saturday. I think I have a date with a book and my new couch. Tomorrow I'll have to do Harry Potter prep (i.e. make sure I have supplies to not leave the couch for a day and a half). Come on Logan post office, don't let me down.