Friday, April 11, 2008

House Parties

If you are planning to throw a house party in Logan, UT, you may want to acquaint yourself with these tips supplied by the city. Note the bail amounts.

Microsoft Plea

The next time you launch a new operating system can you please not also lauch a new Office Suite as well? It's a year and a half later and I still can't get people to stop assuming the Office 2003/2007 file format compatibility issue as a "Vista" problem. This is results in questions like "I don't understand why Susie can't read my files if she got a Vista upgrade." GAH!
Was this really necessary? This is why people like those Mac/PC comercials. Off to shoot out another email on downloading the compatability pack...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Local Drinking Song

So unexpected. Particularly for a school that hosts root beer pong.

More beer for old Utah State

Bring on the whiskey, we drink it straight

Send somebody after gin don’t let a sober person in

We may stagger, but we never fall

We sober up on wood alcohol

And when we’re through we’ll burn the hall

For the glory of Utah

StateRaw, raw, raw.

Spring on the Way

Poll from the Herald Journal:

For people out of Logan, it's 33F right now. The high yesterday was 49. Yesterday I noticed that our apartment pool has opened up once again. There were kids with water wings running around. I usually don't swim before it's 80 outside.
As spring approaches, I keep putting away my heavy winter coat thinking - see you next year. But it keeps coming back out of the closet. I am surprised with 30 or 40 seems cold. Two months ago a 30 degree day felt hot. Perhaps in another winter, I'll be hardened to swim at 50 and join the early flip flop crowd.
Indications of spring: snow melted in most yards in the valley, green grass in many lawns, hyacynth are blooming, other bulb plants are poking their heads out