Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cowboy Cuisine

I went to the "Italian" Place last week on the recommendation of a coworker. It's right across from the Ibis coffee shop.

Anyways. There's nothing Italian about it. It's a complete curiosity. It's really cowboy cuisine (is that a recognized food category) on sandwiches. I had the house specialty, steak, egg, cheese, mushroom, peppers and onions. It's like a Denver omelet meets cheese steak.

This got me to thinking about how it's odd that they're selling the regional food under another cuisine heading (complete with sandwich names like, The Manhattan). Then I got this great idea for a Cowboy Bistro. Take cowboy cuisine and take it up a notch to bistro fare. Like, take the Four Seasons (the sandwich I had today) upgrade to artisan bread and change the cheese from provolone to brie.

Maybe that's just a perversion. The right starting place would be to understand the cuisine as a concept first before trying to make it into something else. Ooo! I have a project. Here's some recipes I found online.

I just got my new pots and pans two days ago, so I can get cookin.

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georgia said...

Cowboy Cuisine is definitely a subsect of the culinary it till you make your mark...Utah will be THE place for cutting edge dining in no time :)