Sunday, June 14, 2009

Spinach Meals

The spinach has been loving the rain. I harvested quite a bit yesterday and there's more still in the garden. Since I also went to the gardener's market yesterday and got some fresh eggs, I decided on a quiche.

I've never made a quiche before, but figured it seems like a dish that would be very forgiving. I used the bacon that had been in my freezer since Christmas, a crust I had in the freezer from ages ago and fresh chives from my garden.

5 fresh eggs
.75 cup low fat cottage cheese
4 strips bacon, cooked
a bunch of spinach, sauteed in the pan used for the bacon, chopped
a bunch of fresh chives
2 oz blue cheese

I got over eager and took a sample before I took a picture. It might have been better to not cook the spinach in the bacon grease, but I was at first playing around with the idea of not putting in the bacon, just using it for the sauteing. It tastes fine and it was a good experiment.

I had some left over spinach and used it in soup.
chicken broth - homemade that I'd had in the freezer a little while
packaged cheese tortillini
fresh basil from the garden
garlic salt (since I didn't have any salt in the homemade broth, otherwise garlic powder)
pepper to taste
add spinach in the last few minutes of boiling.


georgia said...

That quiche looks delicious! How long did you bake it for?

Roberthussy said...

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